Updated 02/07/2013

Specializing in witnessing materials at wholesale prices, Family Heritage Books is proud to be a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Family Heritage Books has four types of witnessing material formats; Magabooks, Magazines, Tracts and Cookbooks.

The most popular of the FHB witnessing materials are the magazines. They are in an attractive 32 page format similar to the Review & Herald. This format enables us to sell them for a substantial discount starting at $1.00 each and moving down to $0.38 each for volumes of 2,000 or more.

The Law of Liberty - An amazing resource on the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath, Religious Liberty and the beauty of God's law.

Messengers of Light - The Three Angels' Message of Revelation 14.

Whispers of His Love - The Gospel as foretold in the types and shadows of the sanctuary service.

We Have This Hope - covers the truth about the second coming, the theory of the secret rapture, last day events, and much more.

Radiant Living - is a delightful resource on lifestyle health.

A Love Stronger than Death - tells the story of the conflict between Christ and Satan, and shows the truth on the state of the dead.

A Time for Joy, A Day to Remember - This beautiful magazine sold over 4 million copies in its first two years; it is a very positive look at the beauty of the Sabbath.

Peace above the Storm - A full text Steps to Christ; it is always popular.

The Touch of Love & The Power of His Passion - The gospel story from The Desire of Ages.

America Superpower of Prophecy - a concise summary of The Great Controversy.

In the magabook format we have Children's books, Health books, Spirit of prophecy books and a few other misc. selections. This format normally retails for between $12.00 and $25.00 each. We start at $8.00 and move down to $4.50 for volumes of 50 or more.

Family Heritage Books also sells six different cookbooks and has some of the magazines and magabooks in spanish.

Our passion is to provide outstanding witnessing materials for the smallest possible cost.

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